about us

  • the MuchkaCafé is a place to get a drink full of
    1. pictures (painters, photographers....)
    2. music (instruments, singers, composers....)
    3. words (writers, directors....)

    (First we take Toronto, then we take Manhattan, THEN we take Berlin....actually, we're international...we're just not quite ready yet...what is art?

    Art is...not tourists, not patrons, not fashion, not advertising, not Top10, not sales, not modern, not marketing, not politicians, not lies (but also not the truth), not synthetic, not Coke, not gold medals, not opera, not government grants, not mirrors, not pretty colours, not weak, not millionaires, not thousandaires, not sports, not Disney, not violence, not demographics, not a race, not pollution, not Picasso, not a contest, not MeMeMe, not common, not decoration, not bureaucrats, not superstars, not understars, not stars, not urban planning, not Pop, not pornography, not drugs, not propaganda, not not food, not not life, not not art............

    the MuchkaCafé: NoApplause, NoTips, NoComplaints