Are NFTs worth it?

I minted my first test NFT. I'm setting up some more NFTs, but.....
what is the future of cryptoArt? the present? keeping in mind that it's ALL nebulous and shaky......

         NFT PRIMER

You can mint your NFTs on a platform (like OpenSea or makersplace) with your cryptocurrency wallet (like MetaMask) which also holds your NFTs.

A non-fungible token is a digital asset you can sell for cryptocurrency that links ownership to unique physical or digital items: works of art, real estate, music, videos, stories. It’s a digital asset in a virtual ledger called a blockchain.

After purchasing the NFT, you download, own and enjoy it and the blockchain has a "smart contract" that allows you to resell the NFT because you own it.

My first four NFTs for sale on makersplace:

ivica photo
buddha eye photo


 Top 5 Cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin (BTC)   Ethereum (ETH)   Tether (USDT)   Binance Coin (BNB)   USD Coin (USDC)  (each worth billons)
(As usual, I endorse nothing. This is just a list.)

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency on a blockchain that is secured by cryptography.: nearly impossible to counterfeit + independent of any government. But some governments (Japan, China, Sweden, India) are now doing their own cryptocurrencies and companies like Apple, Google and banks too. Through Bitcoin or a blockchain developer, we can even create our own cryptocurrency: we just need a nifty little name: ivicas or Duckies or BettyCoins or MexPesos....